Description: Banging drums, clear perc, oboe & flute melodies, analog synth bass, strong string hits, techno synth fill, & 808 bass drum hits / think Rick Ross works with Organized Noize

Description: Funky banging drum loop, chopped funky drum loops, strong drum hits, smooth low sub bass, chopped jazz piano chords, & dreamy pan flute melody / think west coast meets ATL

Description: Crisp hard banging drums, bright hats-triangle- crash, strong string hits, warm electric guitar bass, & a flute hook melody / think DJ Krush meets Pete Rock

Description: Synth horn hits, sound fx, bright chord pad, crisp bell melody, analog synth bass, low sub bass, and thumping drums

Description: 80's style keyboard melody, smooth bass, laid back drums, acoutic guitar, & strings / think peaceful and thoughtful

Description: Tight drums, sub bass, synth trance bass, thick layered keyboard melody, & high-end beep / think Lil John

Description: Boom kick & sub bass, old school beatbox drum loop, sharp snares, strong evil keyboard riffs, jazz piano & trumpet hits / think Freddy Krueger does dirty south

Description: Crunky drums, deep & dark chord pads, low bass, drum & bass half verse section & an electronic key riff in verse section / think sci-fi hip-hop

Description: Funky bangin' drums, house bass, smooth keyboard sample riff, old school beatbox drum fill, turntable scratch, & harp gliss / think Jay Z meets Mariah Carey

Description: Thick funky drums, smooth bass, layered rich keyboard, and reggae style piano / think Bob Marley meets Timbaland