Description: Funky bangin' drums, house bass, smooth keyboard sample riff, old school beatbox drum fill, turntable scratch, & harp gliss / think Jay Z meets Mariah Carey

Description: Thick funky drums, smooth bass, layered rich keyboard, and reggae style piano / think Bob Marley meets Timbaland

Description: Thick bangin' drums, deep low bass, cool rhodes melody, and dark strings / think modern day Pete Rock

Description: Banging / sharp drums, 808 boom, low "live" bass, big brass hook line, and delay organ hits / think Master P meets Lil Wanye

Description: Funky rhodes/harp type sound, funky live bass guitar, live funk drum loop, wood sounding banging drums, flute riffs, & wah guitar / think 70's

Description: Panning sample electric guitar line, low bass drops, funky banging drums, trance line synth keyboard line, and a low synth bass / think The Runners meet Lil' John

Description: Banging drums, 808 & sub bass hits, funky B-3 & fuzz bass guitar, off-time drum fills, & a moody guitar line / funky and dark / think ATL meets NYC

Description: A dirty south drum loop with thumping kicks, snares, and shakers. Low sub bass, thick keyboard stabs, and a high bell melody line / Think Lil John, ATL, & Dirty South

Description: Hard Drums, swing high hats, sub bass, funky bass guitar, funky 70 keyboards / Think Basement Boys meet Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Description: Hard Drums, deep low bass, funky keyboard riffs / think Erick Sermon meets DJ Krush