Description: Orchestral string hits, low dubstep wobble bass, strong banging drums, crisp percussion, and a distorted electric rhodes melody line / think TV or Film cue that could work for many various scenes

Description: A smooth thick layered Rhodes chord pattern, low boomy acoustic bass, 808 bass boom, turntable cuts, ambient reverberated drum and percussion fills, and old-school East Coast / 90's style MPC hip-hop drum programming

Description: 808 bass boom, old-school drum loops, MPC style snare fills, delay rhodes melody, a trance hook melody, and swing percussion. / Perfectcue for MTV, VH1, or BET.

Description: Strong 808 bass boom, 808 high hats, powerful snares and claps, 808 clap fills, lush rhodes and keyboard chords, and a soulful flute and synth melody / think old soul meetss todays dirty south drums / TV of Film cue for something romantic

Description: A smooth jazzy trumpet and rock guitar melody chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, funky distorted acoustic bass, 808 bass drops, heavy ambient pad risers, cinematic tremolo strings, and funky hard banging underground hip-hop drum programming / Think underground hip-hop goes to the jazz club

Description: Smooth clean live electric guitar chopped and processed, distorted funky live bass guitar, lush distorted electric guitar and flute fills, and funky West Coast drum programming / Think EL-P and Run The Jewels type beat

Description: A smooth ambient jazzy piano chord pattern chopped and re-sampled made to sound like a sample, chopped sax riffs, jazzy acoustic bass blended with 808 bass boom, FX synths, and funky smooth swing style MPC drum programming / Perfect of projects that needs smooth conscious jazzy hip-hop

Description: Smooth synth and rhodes chords processed and re-sampled and re-played on the MPC, funky electric bass blended with 808 bass boom, a lead melody played by flutes and analog moog synths, and funky boom-bap East Coast MPC swing style drum programming / Think modern day DJ Premier or Pete Rock type beat

Description: Smooth jazzy Rhodes, lush organic flute riffs, funky electric bass guitar, and swing style MPC East Coast drum programming / Think classic DJ Jazzy Jeff or Pete Rock style East Coast Beat

Description: A smooth reflective piano melody, ambient clean electric guitar fills, strong sub bass, and laidback, but powerful conscious East Coast MPC style Hip-Hop drum programming / Think smooth reflective Logic type beat

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