Description: Make You Come-Put the kids to bed and make sure the curtains are drawn. This is an upbeat song about a wild night of fun and passion.

Description: Ride With Me is an uptempo instrumental track that begs the listener to ride with me.

Description: Precious Lord is a laid back song about a man searching for peace. After all is said and done, sometimes all we want is peace.

Description: My Time is an upbeat song about a man whose time is here! Whose time is now! He cant be stopped.

Description: The Things I Do For You is a laid back melodic song about an artist putting it all on the line for his music.

Description: Life Lesson 101 is a laid back song teaching little lessons of life to the younger generation.

Description: This is an upbeat song of partying and living life to excess.

Description: How I Got Over is an upbeat tale of bravado and urban heroism. This is the street soldiers anthem.

Description: One Thing Or Another-Have you ever had a day where nothing went right and you just wanted to walk away from everything? Well, this is the song for that day.

Description: Maintain And Live Long is a laid back song about an artist just living his life and rolling with the punches. Sometimes we just ride to this one.

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