Description: This groovy electronic shoegazer track combines dreampop organ melodies, driving percussion, and quirky synthetic effects to create a unique gothic mood.

Description: An ultra dark and heavy low end spooky track. An impending doom, sort of creeps along at the opening introduction then builds quickly leading to a full all out sonic takeover. Useful for graveyard scenes, halloween holiday episodes, closing credits, radio, film or tv ready. Features electric bass, electronic elements and percussion.

Description: Ghostly Theme tune for a paranormal show maybe

Description: theme used on web haunting archives i made and wrote produced. use it for your own production. Dark, Haunting vocals with a catchy underbeat.

Description: a nice orchestral style errie gothic sound perhaps telling a story.

Description: a haunting and eerie melody suitable for documentaries or even a main theme for a haunted manor house

Description: Gothic theme featuring chimes, flutes, string basses, trombones, organ, violins, cellos, gong, and timpani

Description: A sad, majestic cello music piece - a memory of all the people, who are already gone.

Description: I have taken much inspiration from black metal as I've always lived in Norway. It's cold and dark with northern lights. This song is dark in an electronic kind of way. There's mystic choirs, pianos and distorted synthesizers. It's quite unique to be honest and I hope someone will connect to the sound.