Description: Decadence mood composition with many guitars, percussion and keyboards. Unexpectedly fast tempo.

Description: Electronic funky track with lots of rhythmic variety to keep you moving forward. Heavy synth sounds and rhythms

Description: Cool,funky track with a memorable groove. Ambient keyboard lines add color to the rhythmic figures that drive the song

Description: Fast moving,energy track that has rhythmic breaks

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: An experimental epic dark trailer music with orchestral instruments like strings and choir. Intense verses with choral female voice and bass drops. It is ideal for movies like "matrix" or science fiction films in general. It can be also used for cinematic trailers and video clips. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Cinematic Trailer, Movie Trailer, Dramatic Trailer, Choral Trailer, Intense Trailer, Orchestral Trailer, Movie Soundtrack, Film Soundtrack.

Description: A short mysterious piece based on sounds produced by choir and string ensemble. It could be used mostly as outro.

Description: A sad track with cold atmosphere that reminds of the rainy night spent alone somewhere in the dark place.

Description: I have taken much inspiration from black metal as I've always lived in Norway. It's cold and dark with northern lights. This song is dark in an electronic kind of way. There's mystic choirs, pianos and distorted synthesizers. It's quite unique to be honest and I hope someone will connect to the sound.

Description: Gothic theme featuring chimes, flutes, string basses, trombones, organ, violins, cellos, gong, and timpani