Description: Electronic, Goth, Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Intense, Chemical Brothers, Action, Adrenaline, Danger, Pounding, Urgent, Chase, Mystery, Industrial, House, Club, Dance, Video Game, Techno

Description: A sad, majestic cello music piece - a memory of all the people, who are already gone.

Description: An ultra dark and heavy low end spooky track. An impending doom, sort of creeps along at the opening introduction then builds quickly leading to a full all out sonic takeover. Useful for graveyard scenes, halloween holiday episodes, closing credits, radio, film or tv ready. Features electric bass, electronic elements and percussion.

Description: Good stuff for video games, movie trailers and epic plot.

Description: a haunting and eerie melody suitable for documentaries or even a main theme for a haunted manor house

Description: To Mega Therion is an ambient, electronic piece featuring the theremin.

Description: Decadence mood composition with many guitars, percussion and keyboards. Unexpectedly fast tempo.

Description: An experimental epic dark trailer music with orchestral instruments like strings and choir. Intense verses with choral female voice and bass drops. It is ideal for movies like "matrix" or science fiction films in general. It can be also used for cinematic trailers and video clips. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Cinematic Trailer, Movie Trailer, Dramatic Trailer, Choral Trailer, Intense Trailer, Orchestral Trailer, Movie Soundtrack, Film Soundtrack.

Description: Dark lord 2 is a tense edgy Indie pop number ideal for film or documentary with screens such as psycho killer waiting in pray or strange dark imagery of a twisted nature or any project that require this type of musical track.

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.