Description: Big, loud and aggressive bombastic track to get your blood grooving a hot upbeat rhythmic urban club groove sound gives you that live party feel. Slap bass, powerful drum beats, slick and smooth synths mixed to perfection. Great track for corporate, technology, fast flow of information tv video film

Description: A funky cosmic groove with deep bass, cool percussion sounds and a catchy hook melody

Description: Seriously funky track with a grooving bass line solid drum beats, cool synths deliciously hot guitar leads. Nice track to get the party started, for retro action scenes, high tech gangsters, video games you tube videos, Instrumental, Electronic Music, Funktronica.

Description: A super funky get on your feet dance track featuring a killer bass line, a heavy club beat and some ultra cool synthesizers. Great for media projects like Films, TV, Radio, Video Games, iPhone Apps, Websites, Podcasts, Social Media, eCards, Animations, aerobics, club, Ringtones, Corporate Videos,, Instrumental, Dance Music, Nu-Disco

Description: An exciting, fun, funky groove, featuring soulful female vocals, spoken male voices, a funky dub smash beat, thick slapped bass, frosty organ and cool synths. Strutting your stuff moving, hot and spicy head bopping, music for underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, adverts, radio, dance clubs

Description: A bouncy, funky, jazzy, and hip music track featuring a tasty fast fingered electric bass riff, groovy retro drum machine, and a 1960’s style horn section. Sweet backing tracking for how to videos, cop flicks, sexy dancing sequences, corporate prancing and other smart multimedia jams.

Description: A bright and rhythmic instrumental groove track with an old school funky soul sound into a club nu-jazz breakdown. Rocking drum beats, cry baby wah electric guitar solo, thundering bass, horns and piano are featured. A solid choice your media, video, tv, radio, or film project underscore or theme.

Description: Hot and funky track featuring slapped electric bass solid boogie programmed drumming, horn section blasts and booms and cool synthesizers. Danceable, urban, retro yet modern, fun, good time music for your media project. Good for films, TV, Radio, Video Games, Apps, Websites, Podcasts, Adverts, demos

Description: This is a solid funky groove track featuring slapped electric bass, chewy rhythm guitars, an infectious synth melody and a driving beat. Perfect bumper to get the party going or useful for Films, TV, Radio, Video Games, Animations, PowerPoint, Demos, Ringtones, Corporate, Home Videos. media projects

Description: Super in your face, funky bad asp bass laying down the rhythm and the beat, groovin and movin. Electric piano punctuates the proceedings as the latin percussion keeps it real. Great for advertising products, publicity, promotions, marketing, entertainment, corporate communications, in-store, TV film

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