Description: Driving and ultra funky with jangling guitars, slap bass, and a killer groove oozing with soul.

Description: Eclectic upbeat hip hop/funk with a slightly dark edge, driving groove, electric guitars, synth leads, and quirky effects.

Description: Big, Tower of Power horns belting out riffs over some slammin' drums, slap bass, and wah wah guitars make this a methodical funk track with a determined attitude and an edge.

Description: Slick and smooth, this is head-bobbin' funk straight outta the 70's with s great, hooky sax section.

Description: Fast, driving 70's funk that is perfect for that action or chase scene in a comedy that needs a funky and fun vibe.

Description: Soulful, methodical, and very retro bluesy guitars drive this track.. A journey into the 70's. Funk guitars, electric piano, drums, bass

Description: Ultra groovy, funky and slick, this cool funk track gradually builds with a big Tower of Power horn section.

Description: Reminiscent of Shaft from Isaac Hayes with wah-wah guitars and blasting, Tower of Power horns along with a fun, driving rhythm, this super funky track is perfect for a chase scene or comedy with a retro 70's vibe.

Description: Super funkified groove with powerful horns, bari sax lines, wah wah guitars, clavinet, and a big butt vibe with a nasty attitude.

Description: Grooving drums, sultry horn section, wah-wah guitars, and that killer retro funk vibe from the 70's.