Description: Funk, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Laid Back, Loose, Moody, Middle Of The Road, Groovy, Funky, Electronic, in a Passive mood, featuring Bass, Guitar, Electric, Bongos, Drums, Electronic, Organ, with a Mid tempo

Description: Funky mellow groove that makes use of the hammond organ to full effect.

Description: Funk, Electronica-Jungle, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Groovy, Funky, Spacey, Active, Bright, Brilliant, Punchy, in a Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Bass, Drums, with a Fast tempo

Description: simple bass & drum funk groove. exactly 30 seconds.

Description: solid groove funk pads rhodes piano.

Description: Upbeat and energetic, in the style of vintage funk, featuring punchy brass, bluesy electric guitar, funk bass and drums that create a bright and driving feel. Parties, Party, Celebration, Good Times, Retro.

Description: Clavinet, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums combine in 102 second loop for playful retro groove reminiscent of the seventies.

Description: Light, uplifting and fun soul which sounds like James Brown or Marvin Gaye Jamming. A full Soul revue including horn section, funky drummer, grooving bass and funked up guitars all combine to give this a memorable & timeless quality. Fun, upbeat and cool.

Description: A powerful and aggressive old school funky instrumental track similar to deeply soulful horn groups of the seventies. Build on a super cool bass groove riff that is doubled on keyboard and full brass section and a rock solid drum back beat. Female vocal shouts and scats enter the fray at the mid point along with a roaring electric guitar solo and sfx. Fun stuff for your project.