Description: Spice up your day with this funky taste of synth rock. Drums, bass, synths galore.

Description: The Hammond organ starts out. Next, the percussion comes in. The building on this, a groovy drum beat with a nice electric piano riff. The bass and clavichord bring this to a complete funky song.

Description: Funk track with 70’s vibe perfect for documentaries, video projects and why not a film scene. The Hammond licks and vintage synths create dark and cinematic feel.

Description: solid groove funk pads rhodes piano.

Description: A cool funky sounding track with all the melodic elements and sounds to make you feel like you're in paradise, All wrapped up in a funky, catchy melody, A beautiful track with Funky flute tones with fat synths and bell-shaped grooves

Description: Clap along, I'm feeling good! This track can pharrell you to a new level! I'm sorry miss williams, I am just too happy! Great for Youtube Videos, Minecraft, vlogs, anything awesome really! So grab your cool video and get down with this perfect motown celebration, the truth is groovy!

Description: This mid-tempo track is designed to recall the syncopated rhythms and groove of 70's era funk music. A phased, electric piano opens the track with a jazzy chord progression which is accompanied by congas that establish the beat. The track immediately kicks in with a snaky fretless baseline and energetic, off-beat drums. Down below this we get solid stabs of a baritone sax that propel the track forward. A funked out, wah-wah electric guitar riff kicks in to bring on a danceable groove and additional syncopation. A chorus-like section features two wah-wah funk guitars trading off one another, accompanied with a more intricate, infectious sax riff. Echoes of the high-energy urban action movies of the mid-70's abound, bringing out memories of funky fashions, violence and sexuality from the streets. Fans of the old Saturday TV dance programs will thoroughly enjoy the danceable hooks and grooves that fill this funk-a-fied number. Whether used as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the disco days of yesteryear or utilized as a straight-up, high-octane modern funk piece, Super Funk is sure to bring more soul to any film or video project.

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