Description: Romantic tune created with guitars, bass, drums, percussion and vibes. Beautiful composition for a night date mood. Charming piece will sound great in romantic video, love story, commercial, film scene and more.

Description: Driving dynamic catchy tune in a funky rock style with funky electric guitars, harmonics, drums, bass and trumpets. Perfect for films, videos, tv shows, commercials of cars, men's perfume, brand clothes, accessories and other products.

Description: This funk track is so much fun! The upbeat piece will totally make you move. Good choice for a crazy adventure video, movie scene, and just a music for good mood. The tune was created with drums, bass, guitars, synths, e.piano and brass.

Description: Music track about careless lifestyle, traveling and good mood. Catchy melody that makes you move to the rhythm is created with drums, bass, guitars, synths, e.piano and piano. Happy tune for tv of radio program, vlog, vacation video, commercial and more.

Description: Retro style funk track with pisitive mood. Cheerful tune created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.organ and percussion. The piece can be used in a commercial, vlog, podcast, and any other creative project. Enjoy!

Description: Positive funk music track. Created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.piano, e.organ and synths, it has catchy stylish melody. The tune can be used in online presentations, commercials, vlog, fashion videos and more.

Description: Funk piece with catchy rhythm. Great for entertainment projects, shows, mobile applications, commercials and more. The track was created with drums, bass, piano, guitars, brass and synths. Unlike the radioactive isotope the tune is fun and simply amazing.

Description: There is something in the air that makes you move. This funk composition is positive and groovy. It has some urban touch. Created with drums, bass, guitars, brass, synths and percussion, the piece is good for videos about city life and traffic, commercials, movies and more.

Description: Stylish funk music track with positive mood. The piece is cheerful and groovy. Creted with drums, bass, guitars, brass, e.organ and e.piano, it is a perfect variant for movie scene, podcast, tv or radio program and more. This composition will for sure attract attention to younr project.

Description: Funk piece with upbeat positive groove. The track has style and unique mood. Cool and cheeky. The instruments are drums, bass, guitars, brass, synths, percussion and scratch. Great for trendy videos, commercials, vlogs and more.