Description: Jazzy funkadilic beat with make you dance like a fool

Description: This one is really funky with slapping bass, some oooooh , oooooh vocals and jazzy guitar

Description: It is a positive, uplifting funky track with bright and optimistic feel, featuring groovy slap bass guitar, electric funky guitars, drums beat, brass, electronic percussion and other groove elements. Music is creates optimistic, action, energetic and hopeful mood. This bright instrumental track will surely useful for a wide range of promotional media, corporate motivational videos, advertising, slideshows, presentations, adventures, uplifting projects, as well as other material related to fun, having good time, achieving progress, and celebrating.

Description: The track is funky, upbeat, groove, fun. Reminds me of vanity on sale when people are in a hurry to grab everything. Energetic music, active, invigorating, uplifting.

Description: Funk positive music track created with piano, bass, drums, electronic piano and synths. Great choice for video about beauty, fashion, lifestyle. Positive and groovy vibe.

Description: Funk inspiring track that gives you energy. Motivational piece with defined rhythm. It was created with drums, guitars, brass, strings and synths. Good variant for various media projects like commercial, podcast, tv or radio program.

Description: Funky piece with uplifting melody. Guitars, bass and drums make stylish tune for various creative media projects like podcasts, commecials, fashion programs, showreels.

Description: Great funky soundtrack for your project. Stylish and positive, it will soung good in tv show, commercial video, vlog and more. The instruments here are piano, bass, drums and electronic piano.

Description: Energetic and fun blues music track Cheerful t.sax, banjo, brass, guitars, drums and bass make this playful happy track perfect for commercial, tv or radio program and every progect where you need positive energy.

Description: Funky positive music track about morning by the sea. Breeze, sunny weather and salty air – this uplifting piece is able to create the atmosphere you need in your project. The tune features trombone, electronic organ, guitars, drums and bass.