Description: Funky wah-wah groove. Simple strong driving beat with groovy strat electric guitar riff and Rhodes electric piano wah-wah punctuation. Works well for cat walk fashion and finance. Also, drama movement, documentary and radio and television commercials. Stripped back funk. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: A bit odd funk music track that has clear rhythm and stylish positive melody. Unusual but appealing, th etrack with sound great in podcast, vlog, commercial video, project about fashion and beauty and more. The track features drums, bass, guitars, piano and synths.

Description: Happy and bright funky music with super clean and wah guitars, groovy drums, brass section and cool bass lines. Great for lifestyle, cooking shows, TV shows openings, presentations, youtube videos, adverts, slideshows and many more.

Description: Fusion bright music track. It is funk, it is jazz rock, it is neo swing! Full of energy, it really makes you move. This dynamic piece features drums, guitars, bass, electronic piano, brass and b sax. Perfect for videos and movies with dynamic mood as well as commercials.

Description: Funk music track that will sound great in video about style, decor, fashion and design. Calm but fresh and a bit groovy. The tune was created with drums, bass, electronic piano, synths and strings.

Description: Cheerful funk orchestra opener performed by big band. Masterly played flute solo makes it so uniquie and special. Just imagine yourself in luxurious casino! This atmospheric track will sound great in advertising of hotel or restaruant as well as an entertainment center.

Description: Light positive funk music track. The piece is about beauty, style, lifestyle. Sunny track with summer mood. Created with drums, bass, synths, electronic piano and percussion.

Description: Seventies style R&B funk drum grove with synth bass, line and syncopated electric piano combined with various keyboard FX join together to create a very spacey futuristic laid back groove-athon. Urban Cop Drama, Science and Space Documentaries Corporate and Commercial Advertisements Sports,, Instrumental, Electronic, Funktronica

Description: Positive funky breakbeat background with catchy bassline and groovy rhythms.