Description: Feel-good and catchy, funky bass pop with an energy and drive. Takes you back to the eighties, with the big sound and brass punctuations. Great for promos and commercials. 60sec, 60sec underscore and 30sec versions

Description: Funky song for action scenes. Very percussive with strong brass and bass. Perfect for film trailers.

Description: A funky house track to reminisce the 90’s, when this style was playing in every nightclub.With an upbeat and easy to memorize tempo it is perfect for commercials and will make everyone who listens to it happy.

Description: Cheerful, fast and playful funky music. Features funky guitar, saxophone, trombone, percussion etc.

Description: Modern and futuristic logo in the style of funky with slap bass, guitar and electronic sounds. Can be used for intros and logos that need cool, crazy and funky mood.

Description: This is an energetic funk groove track with electric guitar, bass and trumpet.The rhythmic style of this track makes it perfect for commercials, tv, advertising projects, presentations and photo slideshows.

Description: Funky motivational positive song. Perfect for corporate presentations or fashion projects.

Description: Funky uplifting song with brasses and vocals.

Description: Electro pop and funky song. For corpotate or fashion projects.