Description: A slow funk loop. Might be good for a seedy night club scene.

Description: A slow synth funk track. Might be appropriate for some lounge scenes, etc.

Description: A slow funk loop with a 70s feel.

Description: Happy, groove, energetic – this all is about the composition you are listening to. Cheerful tune with nice melody. Great for projects connected with art or fashion, commercials, tutorial and more. The piece features drums, bass, guitars and brass.

Description: Starts as funky beat by itself, builds up into a funky sounding loop with a 4 part chord sequence. Ideal for background behind a voice over in a fashion ad, or used as a transition track between scenes. Would also fit very well as music in a sports or action video sequence, or for a video game.

Description: Lively loop with a funky beat and a bit of bounce to the rhythm. Inspired by fashionable person walking up town. Ideal for you use as background in an ad, voice over. Or could be used for video game music.

Description: Cool funk music track created with drums, bass, guitar, brass and organ. It makes you think about fast paced city life. Great background for promo projects, lifestyle videos, intro for tv or radio shows.

Description: Funky positive vibe with romantic mood. Feel youth, freedom and love with this inspiring piece, featuring drums, piano, bass, guitars, synths and strings. Great for videos about traveling, adventures, bright love stories, youth.

Description: Cool, funky retro track with solid rhythm section groove and horns. Great for uplifting, positive, happy use!

Description: Funky, jumpy track with cool drum groove, funky, guitar, bass and organ. Great for uplifting, happy, comical background track.