Description: This classic funk track could be straight out of Shaft or a cheesy porn film. Whatever your flavor it may just fit.

Description: Driving and energetic with a funk feel and electronic dance elements create a party atmosphere.

Description: Rock Track Tight Groove And Guitars And Bass

Description: A super funky drum beat is gradually joined by guitars, basses, synths, horns, orchestra, and everyone else. Sounds like a 70's car chase but would work in a modern soundtrack. Imagine shaft chasing Huggie Bear through the streets of seventies San Francisco. In Starsky & Hutch's car. Instrumental, Hip Hop Music, Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop

Description: Very funky track about learning how to put some funk in your life!

Description: Solid grooves laid back bass, bluesy guitar, edgy , funk , hammond organ, retro , intergallactic audio

Description: Lounge jazz song with trumpet. Perfect for trendy atmospheres or fashion topics.

Description: Funk groove with Guitare, Bass, E-piano, Clavinet, Drums and Strings 16 Bars

Description: A very relaxed jazzy tune. Very cool and laid - back brushed drum groove .Cocktails come straight to mind as well as the deco art era 1930's 40's. Sophisticated and luxurious

Description: This is a funky and uplifting track, full of energy and positive inspiration. An upbeat piano plays the rhythm, with a funky guitar, percussive brasses and strings in the background.