Description: Funky dance/exercise music with vocals, piano, and rhythm section.

Description: Retro style modern Funk dance music. Electric guitar solo. Very groovy, uplifting and positive. Good for aerobics and workout too. Available versions: Full track, 2 min, 1 min, loop 1 and loop 2 edit. Loop ready.

Description: A funky and fun track, perfect for any type of media.

Description: A funky, retro track, perfect for any classic or modern moment. Perfect for soundtracks, episodes, trailers, credits or any media need.

Description: Composition in the style of a swing fank.With the sound of guitars and brass section.Suitable for video and film projects.

Description: Funky musical composition with pulsating Rhodes electic piano, slappy bass and melodic piano supplemented by rythmic Hammond organ.

Description: a two change groove with a turn around. horns add liveliness.

Description: A positive Funky loop with an uplifting groove.

Description: An Acid Funk loop with a steady groove, uplifting piano and electronic sound effects.

Description: An Acid Funk loop with a steady groove and electronic sound effects.