Description: Positive music track with funky guitar, bass and drums. This theme is a great choice for your commercial projects, business presentations and product promos.

Description: Funky star is an upbeat happy groovy and soulful track celebrating that saturday night feeling after a hard weeks work when you are heading out on the town to party with some friends.It has some great brass and retro funky guitar riffs to get you in that feel good fun love'n mood.

Description: Funky Big Brass sound Urgent Confident-Full.

Description: Laidback and mellow featuring Wurlizter Organ and a 1970's funk groove creating a vintage feel.

Description: This classic funk track could be straight out of Shaft or a cheesy porn film. Whatever your flavor it may just fit.

Description: Driving and energetic with a funk feel and electronic dance elements create a party atmosphere.

Description: Rock Track Tight Groove And Guitars And Bass

Description: A super funky drum beat is gradually joined by guitars, basses, synths, horns, orchestra, and everyone else. Sounds like a 70's car chase but would work in a modern soundtrack. Imagine shaft chasing Huggie Bear through the streets of seventies San Francisco. In Starsky & Hutch's car. Instrumental, Hip Hop Music, Electro-Orchestral Hip Hop

Description: Funky, gritty,wah-wah pedaled guitar evokes 70's soul sound.

Description: Very funky track about learning how to put some funk in your life!