Description: Upbeat and energetic, in the style of vintage funk, featuring punchy brass, bluesy electric guitar, funk bass and drums that create a bright and driving feel. Parties, Party, Celebration, Good Times, Retro.

Description: Get on the good foot with this classic retro funk jam. Guitars, bass, drums

Description: simple bass & drum funk groove. exactly 30 seconds.

Description: Fun funky track with syncopated drums and wah guitar

Description: Funk, Funky, Groovy, Struttin, Confident, Sassy, Fun, in a Confident mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Drums, Bass, Sax, Soprano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Acoustic ukulele performs a slapping riff leading to a nice funky. TV Show Big Band sound with a big groovie Electric Bass tournaround and Brass solos.