Description: Melodic track with elements of jazz! Suitable for any project.

Description: A cool tonewheel organ groove with an inspiring rhythm. This track comes with a strong retro feeling and impulsive drums.

Description: This track has an easy-going funk vibe that would sound great as backing music to your next tutorial, video blog, etc. If you're itching for the funk, this song is the scratch!

Description: Funky track with 80’s vibe going on. “Turn Around” creates party atmosphere perfect for fashion promos, nightlife videos and presentations. When you listen to the track you can imagine young people dancing and having a good time.

Description: A mix of old and new tecnology to serve a funk groove. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Urban sound gives you the feeling of being in a big cadillac driving through the city.

Description: Funk with edgy electric piano, bass and drums. Confident, positive and slick. Mysterious start and end suited for Heist clips etc.

Description: Funny and cool corporate theme in the style fank.Podoydet forcorporate projects for commercials, for TV, Internet and otherprojects. If you need cutting out of the music or the individual loopswithout any tools - write an agreement.

Description: Fun, playful and very cool show in the style of funk. This music can be applied absolutely in every field, because it is playful, positive, is just kind and good emotions, it is equally suitable for both corporate parties and for circus performances, video, web projects, presentations, advertising for goods and services . Melody is a very simple and after the first listen and to remember imprinted in human memory. Track of high quality, very juicy and tight bass, juicy and bright acoustic guitar, a powerful and assertive percussion party.