Description: A funky rhythm guitar based groove that rocks with attitude. Showing off style using classic funk sounds, it oozes confidence and swagger, strolling along with flair and sharp moves. Great for a new product ad or demo, cool and fresh.

Description: Steamy & raunchy, strutting electric guitar, rock & pop underscore. This specially composed radio & television commercial is steady, funky and solid with a real grungy vibe. Great for fashion products, cars & motorbikes, boys toys or any ads with attitude. Features heavy rock guitars & drum kit. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Ultra groovy, funky and slick, this cool funk track gradually builds with a big Tower of Power horn section.

Description: The bass is groovin, the beat is funky, this is a great instrumental music bed for advertising and commercial, upbeat and lively, good for young urban demographic, will suit many media uses.

Description: Rock/funk oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Funky disco groove. Takes you straight back to the New York dance floors of the 70s, at the birth of disco. This underscore has it all - dance beats, punchy brass and funky wah-wah electric guitar. Great for retro pop documentary, film score, through to radio and television commercials. Main plus commercial length mixes

Description: Funk inspiring track that gives you energy. Motivational piece with defined rhythm. It was created with drums, guitars, brass, strings and synths. Good variant for various media projects like commercial, podcast, tv or radio program.

Description: Funky wah-wah groove. Simple strong driving beat with groovy strat electric guitar riff and Rhodes electric piano wah-wah punctuation. Works well for cat walk fashion and finance. Also, drama movement, documentary and radio and television commercials. Stripped back funk. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Get down and funked out with this energetic drum and bass funk groove with a syncopated rhythm guitar, two five string basses, and a rock drum kit that lays down a great dance beat. There one bass smacking out a melodic slap beat and another is way low down for some beefy bottom. 116bpm.

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