Description: Groove bass with drum and light piano. Special for website, tv, background music, youtube any video project.

Description: Funky, upbeat instrumental with Brass, Guitar, Kit and a grooving funky bassline. Great for intros and advertising music beds, has a modern jazz funk vibe and creates an uplifting mood.

Description: Cool, laid-back Funk track with solid groove and catchy guitar.

Description: Delicious funky bass groove, great underscore when you want a driving beat that grooves and moves.. will suit many different uses from commercial undercore to music cues and promos

Description: Funky bass line bounces and grooves with a cheeky little bit of brass to help the track along, great for commercial or advertising but will also work as an exciting music cue for young urban demographic

Description: Rock/funk oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Electric Wood is a rude, funky, guitar track, it has a thick organic bass line throughout, that makes you want to groove! The distorted guitar, slap bass and piercing percussion make the cue good for any exciting promo, action scene. or theme music.

Description: Finger, Rock Pop Soul Hip Moderate Medium Up-tempo Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Humorous Funny Loud Organ Drums Bass Guitar Brass Horns Band Action Transition Background Comic Comedy Urban Night Travelling Moving American Party Young Contemporary Modern Television TV Movies Advertizing Stylish.

Description: Sophisticated urban funk groove with tight ending.