Description: Welcome back to the 70s. This groovy, psychedelic retrostyle funk-track takes you back to the land of lava-lamps and discoballs, of free love and smoky clubs. Total 70s style guitar and drum sound, a vintage organ and a real picked jazz bass lead to a hippie style vocal hook line, making it a perfect fit for any retro/vintage style commercial or website.

Description: Fast and powerful groovy funk track with all good funk ingredients: distinct staccato brass section, funky wah guitars, rhodes electric piano, clavinet, lots of percussion and a four on the floor retro disco style drum beat. Ideal for car chases, action scenes or action sports, video games and all projects, where an excited motivational background music is needed.

Description: A groovy, funky psychedelic retrostyle track that takes you back in time to a disco in the seventies. 70s style funky guitar, a Fender Rhodes Piano, original vintage drum sound, a vintage organ and a real jazz bass make it a perfect fit for any retro / vintage style commercial, presentation, video or website.