Description: This is a long folk ballad, dreamy, romantic, a little melancholic, supported by an uninterrupted acoustic guitar arpeggio. The text is by Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923, public domain).

Description: Scottish ballad-This piece is dedicated to the battle and the victory of the Scottish Knights Battle of Bannotskburn in 1314. For you, it sounds an acoustic guitar solo. Parts of this track can be illuminations for unusual video, vivid movies and other performances on the theme of victory and the battle

Description: "Tale of the Wind", the next part of the trilogy of plays "Yaroslavna crying. Strong and powerful Russian poem created in true Slavic music tells the mode wind as the main character, the fate of Prince Igor and the heavy burden of the Russian people living under occupation in the Tatar-Mongol take part in the composition of the national-Siberian throat singing, bells, percussion, shamanistic spells and of course acoustic guitar

Description: bright picture of the Russian winter played on acoustic guitar Russian composer. blizzard, snowstorm Russian folk festivals, bells, a cart pulled by horses is fast on snowy roads gay audience

Description: piano solo american style folk song.

Description: new age instrumental landscape images. Fingerstyle guitar and acoustic guitar in a romantic and americana style

Description: Country-folk guitar, harmonica, mandolin, piano, Traveling music

Description: traditional folk song about a love overcoming

Description: a sweet song of realization and love lost.

Description: Nautical folk waltz, flute and piano

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