Description: Acoustic guitars, melodica and cajon. Western.

Description: Sweet and light theme on acoustic guitars, bass, cajon and percussion. Waltz.

Description: Acoustic guitars, ukulele, bass and percussion. Positive melody in peruvian indian style. For advertising, movie, ringtones and more.

Description: Acoustic fingerstyle guitar, cello and drums. Instrumental acoustic rock with elements of classic. Positive mood.

Description: Jazz - Waltz. In fairy forest. Acoustic guitar, cello and drums. Lyrical and romantic mood. With elements of classic music.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Instrumental composition with elements of blues, jazz, rock, country, funk and classic. Positive mood.

Description: This instrumental ballad featuring acoustic guitar, bass and drums evokes calm and peaceful emotions. Heartwarming and positive music.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Emotional music that will work great in films and videos.

Description: Acoustic guitars ensemble, the fusion of classic music, country and funk.

Description: Acoustic guitars ensemble, first days of autumn, lyrical mood.

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