Description: A lovely romantic waltz based on a classic Russian Jewish folk melody. Instrumentation: violin, clarinet, acoustic guitar, bass, and harp. Moving gently with strong passionate feeling this sweet and gentle track is a great choice for multimedia projects, tv, film, radio as a theme or background.

Description: This well-known tune is a traditional Scottish Gaelic that was popularized by the folk singer Cat Stevens. In this trio version the cello takes the melody with a piano and vibraphone background, on the repeat the vibraphone takes up the melody. Useful song for children's services and all media projects.

Description: An eerie, dark, ambient, melodic pop rock folk tune featuring female vocals, guitars, electric bass, synths and a piccolo. Mysterious and suspenseful yet gentle, trippy, and peaceful in nature. Nice theme track for TV film video radio or promos. Great as a background track or just chilling out

Description: A traditional Shaker folk 19th century melody updated and featuring a clean dry guitar lead with an orchestral underscore. A straight forward, pleasant and easy listening rendition useful as a hymn, work song, or peasant dance for various media productions like TV, film, radio.

Description: An appealing and pensive folk ballad featuring two guitars and a bass. This simple arpeggiated theme over a basic four chord progression can function as an interlude or intermezzo in a larger media projects. Useful with a gentle flowing motion as an inspirational theme for tv, film, or video works.

Description: A gentle version of this traditional English ballad that was popularized in the late 1960's by Simon and Garfunkel in the iconic movie "The Graduate. " This adaptation features a clear lead guitar melody with a fingerpicking background and mixed chanting choir.

Description: Smooth and flowing hybrid track, rooted in folk but with a tropical island fell here is a traditional folk song and nursery rhyme featuring lead guitar and vibraphone with caribbean percussion elements and latin rock bass line. Great for vacation travel spots, talkover, media projects.