Description: This song is in moderately paced 3/4 waltz time, mellow but driving. Recorded with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, a ukulele, and light piano, electric piano, and drums, the tune evokes images of optimism, hopefulness, and joy in a sentimental and thoughtful way. Perfect for background music for any number of applications, including business/corporate or personal presentations, advertisements for television or radio, webcasts, or just about anything else.

Description: 60 second loop featuring lightly picked acoustic guitar, ukulele, electric piano, piano, bass, and a shaker to make it drive. This is a pretty, light, joyful tune that is reminiscent of a sunny day on the shore feeling the breeze. Nostalgic, childlike and innocent - this song is all about feeling good. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations or voice over work for just about anything.

Description: Beautiful Folk piece with acoustic guitar and flute.

Description: A nice wee acoustic tune that plods along at its own carefree pace. A tambourine is used for some light percussion. Warm and friendly vibes throughout.

Description: 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar and keyboards. The song drives all the way through, starting out a bit darker and more uncertain feeling but moving to a more positive feeling of upcoming success. Perfect for corporate or motivational background music, or for personal presentations, voiceover work, or tv/radio advertisements.

Description: A slow moving folk track with beautiful acoustic guitars supported by nice drums and bass.

Description: Hopeful, fun and upbeat acoustic guitar. Medium fast tempo.

Description: song that is played by a bugle or trumpet at military or official funerals or burials.

Description: This acoustic guitar piece starts out with two finger picked guitars with almost melancholy feelings, then quickly picks up feeling more light, certain and bold. With every phrase more instrumentation is added including more acoustic guitars, a shaker, and a bass guitar

Description: Upbeat, lively, and fun, this song is perfect for background music for any webcast, advertisement, business or personal presentation that needs to convey optimism and a positive feeling. Set to a moderately paced two step, this is a real toe tapper! A looped version can be made available upon request.