Description: Happy, dance folk track with accordion, tuba and brass ensemble

Description: Just improvisation with lead mandolin and gudok (Russian ancient variant of violin).

Description: Light and fresh composition in the style of corporate folk. Freshness, background, positive emotion, relaxation. folk, acoustic, guitar, piano, wedding, advertising, ambient, cinematic, entertainment, documentary, corporate, commercials, romantic, on-hold, multimedia, dreamy, easy, emotional, friendly, freedom, happy, uplifting, upbeat, light, lively, love, hopeful, inspirational, inspiring, intense, technology, historical, website

Description: Some kind of country folk that makes you feel happy!

Description: If you’re happy and you know it, play this song! This track has Modern light bouncy guitar, with marimba, xylophone, choirs, an incredibly catchy melody hook, and plenty of variation so it can be tailored to suit your needs. Positive vibes, hand clapping, and an energetic chorus to take it home.

Description: This is an original track specially created to fit any type of corporate, business or happy media. Its unforgettable melody will always attract your customers ears, while bringing joy and happiness. This is the secret of a catchy media. Plenty of good vibes, fresh melodies and happy clappin!!

Description: Energetic upbeat music item with acoustic sound!

Description: Sound like a little bit of America! Here is a pop folk music with a country touch!

Description: This is very happy optimistic track with ukulele, piano, claps , guitars, glockenspiel and horns!