Description: We get an awful lot of rain here in Oregon, especially in the spring. But any true Oregonian loves the rain, so waking up in the morning to the sound of rain drops on the roof never gets old. This song, featuring lightly picked guitars accompanied by piano, electric piano, bass and a shaker, reminds me of this feeling – a nice spring rain in the morning. Positive and uplifting, this song is perfect for mellow but driving background music for video presentations.

Description: This is a very folksy and upbeat tune that invokes images of dancing at an outside festival at night around a big bonfire in the summer time. Acoustic guitar and ukulele along with woody flutes give the tune an ethnic feel.

Description: Features an easy going grand piano melody accompanied by a strummed acoustic guitar, bass, and a light drumbeat. This song is laid back yet playful, a little bit sentimental but with a positive and optimistic feel. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or advertising for film, television, web casts or radio.

Description: A very happy and hopeful song driven by strummed nylon stringed guitar accompanied by a strummed ukulele. Piano, glockenspiel, electric piano and some percussion adds flavor to this fun tune. Use anywhere a sense of optimism and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

Description: A happy, positive and optimistic song driven by strummed nylon stringed guitar accompanied by a strummed ukulele. Piano and electric piano play out a happy, shiny melody, and percussion is a steady tambourine hit and, you guessed it, hand claps!

Description: cajun, country, slide and acoustic guitar, squeeze box, accordion, harmonica, tight ending.

Description: The composition is very simple and nice, for use as background music for anything that needs a pleasant and laid back acoustic and folksy feel.

Description: Finally, I have my very own song that features clapping and ukulele! This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring acoustic guitar and ukulele along with some light piano and a simple whistling melody. Perfect for background music for any type of presentation that needs to evoke lightheartedness and happiness.

Description: A swampy, bluesy acoustic guitar tune with upright bass, bongos and shaker. Reminiscent of deep south New Orleans bayou/swamp mood. Dark and bright sections. Fully loop-able version also available.