Description: new age instrumental and landscape images. An acoustic guitar finger style romp that is both hip, american, and upbeat.

Description: Folkish, countryish, jazzy in the middle. A real mixture of styles, but it is not confused. Could work for a lot of different underscores.

Description: Peaceful Folk track with acoustic guitar, flute and percussion. Very romantic, emotional feel.

Description: Inspiring and Uplifting Acoustic track, with motivational harmonies and melodies, orchestral strings. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Description: This instrumental ballad featuring acoustic guitar, bass and drums evokes calm and peaceful emotions. Heartwarming and positive music.

Description: Hala Sultan Artist : Kamuran Ebeoglu Genre : Folk instrumental Music by Kamuran Ebeoglu Length : 04:10 Formated : Mp3/192Kbps size : 5.82 mb Copyright Kamuran Ebeoglu 2011

Description: A full vocal production track with vocals that constantly reference 'let me play'. The perfect track for capturing the essence of a lost childhood or growing up too fast. A slow acoustic based ballad that will pull at the heartstrings. A great track to place underneath playing or innocent childhood based visuals, or for where you need the music to tell a story or support the visuals. This track comes with lyrics and various alternate mixes and cuts.