Description: Well known sea shanty folk tune played on harmonica, recorder and accordian. 59 and 30 sec versions

Description: Simple, breezy & innocent summer acoustic groove. Warm, sunny, foot-tapping & carefree. Features cavaquinho, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, bells & shakers. Great for advertising. Main 60sec mix, underscore 60sec, 30sec & 09sec versions

Description: A quirky, whimsical piece based on a real, live ukulele.

Description: Medieval English historic style dance using traditional instrumentation. 30sec ideal for commercials

Description: Cute and fun ukulele piece. The full version has added bass and drums.

Description: A dark, tongue in cheek, song giving a warning to people to look out...we are not as trust worthy as we seem.

Description: An empowering song about personal growth and change.

Description: A haunting song about a broken lover who can never be loved again, no matter how many try.

Description: Mid-tempo, reflective tune led by acoustic guitar. Climactic lift with vibes and electric guitar.