Description: Beautiful relaxing solo Banjo loop in the style called Appalachian or Mountain. Great for Documentary.

Description: A fun foot-tapping, hand clapping cheerful tune. Great for positive, uplifting moods, ad spots, web presentations, children, Holiday, travel and more. Features acoustic guitar, bouncy drumbeat and hand claps. No lead version leaves out glock.

Description: Solo Banjo tune in the style called Appalachian or Mountain.

Description: Hypnotic solo acoustic guitar in open tuning.

Description: Gipsy's folk tune on their main instrument classical guitar. The mood is happy, energetic, passionate and pompous

Description: Lighthearted, sincerely happy and uplifting ukulele song with fun stride style piano, whistling and clapping. Great for any kind of presentation and commercial/ad. Loop.

Description: This is an instrumental Americana-style tune, featuring toy piano, finger picked acoustic guitar, brush drums, and upright bass. The mood is uplifting and inspirational. Great for many purposes, including adverts, film, television, public broadcast, corporate presentations, and more.

Description: Instrumental Track with Flute, Whistle, Strings, Guitars and Drums. Irish / Celtic Style

Description: A corporate song influenced by the new rock folk scene, by groups like Mumfors & Sons, The Lumineers, of monsters and men, etc...with acoustic guitar, Ukulele, lots of percussions, accordion, clap hands, podorythmy, honky tonk piano, bells and glockenspiel. Very melodic, organic, uplifting, happy, with a positive mood.

Description: A peaceful and tender acoustic background with lots of fingerpicking style acoustic guitars, piano, mandolin and ukulele. In the second part the guitar theme is repeated by light whisteling sounds, supported by vivid dynamic percussion and bright cymbals. The sweet and comforting tone of the tune provides an atmosphere of hope and thankfulness.