Description: Good time pickin, upbeat, traveling music, rural, homespun, bouncy

Description: 60 second loop featuring finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a light piano. Designed for unobtrusive, mellow background music, the chords are very simple and flow very well. Evokes images of lying on a beach, watching the waves. Slow paced but drives well. Very positive, optimistic, and relaxed. The acoustic nature of the instruments give it a folksy, woody feel - very laid back and nice. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for voice over work for tv, film, radio, webcasts, etc. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Solo acoustic guitar track with confident strumming.

Description: Folk and americana based cue with a tinge of country.

Description: new age instrumental landscape images. Fingerstyle guitar with an acoustic americana edge

Description: Simple, breezy & innocent summer acoustic groove. Warm, sunny, foot-tapping & carefree. Features cavaquinho, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, bells & shakers. Great for advertising. Main 60sec mix, underscore 60sec, 30sec & 09sec versions

Description: Gentle, warm and flowing acoustic version of the old English folk classic. Features acoustic guitar, violin and flute. Main mix and 30sec versions

Description: A quirky, whimsical piece based on a real, live ukulele.

Description: Medieval English historic style dance using traditional instrumentation. 30sec ideal for commercials

Description: Cute and fun ukulele piece. The full version has added bass and drums.