Description: This laid back acoustic arrangement with guitar and fiddle is perfect for to set the mood that is easy, carefree, and positive. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, and voice-overs. Also great for commercials, television themes, websites and product promos. Multiple lengths provide more opportunities in the edit suite.

Description: Nautical folk waltz, flute and piano

Description: arrange by kamruran ebeoglu length : 4:58 formated : mp3/192kbps size : 6.86 mb.

Description: Peaceful Native American Indian/Folk track with authentic flute. Calm and serene atmosphere.

Description: An empowering song about personal growth and change.

Description: Everything will be OK, darling, as long as you will be my alibi. Instrumental version.

Description: Sweet, down-tempo, old-timey folk/blues string arrangement, but will remind of Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". Features acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, harmonica.

Description: this is a beautiful work with lots of roots instruments and a nice reflective message.