Description: arrange by kamruran ebeoglu length : 3:28 formated : mp3/192kbps size : 4.76 mb.

Description: This song is driven by a fingerpicked guitar and a train beat, and is all about calm and steady movement. Backed by piano, electric piano, and some vocal "oooo"s in the middle of the tune, this song evokes images of a sunny summer morning on the way to the beach.

Description: Cheerful upbeat folk ballad with electric guitar

Description: The king's domain is prospering, the castle yard is crowded with ladies, nobel knights, traders, jokers, the market is full of customers, the peasants are happy with the harvest, the life is flowing smoothly and calmly. This beautiful relaxed medieval folk loop is a great background for a computer game, website, podcast, or thematical video presentation.

Description: The warm acoustic guitar is gentle & fresh. The carefree upright bass is cheerful & bouncy. The bright glockenspiel bells are optimistic light & hopeful. The playful Ukelele is innocent & youthful. The vibrant melodica is intelligent & quirky. the calm drums & breezy tambourine are relaxed & upbeat.

Description: A happy and mellow, yet driving song that builds momentum and becomes more powerful in the second half. Driven by ukulele and accompanied by fingerpicked guitar, piano, light non verbal vocals and percussion, this song is perfect for optimistic and positive background music.

Description: Acoustic guitars ensemble, first days of autumn, lyrical mood.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Instrumental composition with elements of blues, jazz, rock, country, funk and classic. Positive mood.