Description: A nice wee acoustic tune that plods along at its own carefree pace. A tambourine is used for some light percussion. Warm and friendly vibes throughout.

Description: Fast paced but mellow fingerpicking guitar in open G. Uses organ and ambient slide guitar as the song builds. It has a sense of built-up drama.

Description: Cheerful acoustic track that veers towards the pop genre. This could be used for any project where optimism and a natural feel are the key components.

Description: A track that gradually becomes more dreamlike as it progresses. Includes Piano, guitar, bass, light percussion and subtle ambient textures.

Description: Quiet little acoustic guitar loop. It is fingerpicked throughout with a simple lead over the top. This can be looped back seamlessly. It conveys a laid back romantic mood.

Description: Hopeful song in the key of C that increasingly bulds up to an inspiring conclusion. Includes guitars, mandolins, piano, strings and some basic percussion.

Description: Sentimental acoustic folk track using two guitars in the key of D with some basic percussion. Wistful and uplifting feel to this one.

Description: Acoustic guitar tune in Eminor key. Got a kind of baroque gothic quality to it. Relaxed but kind of sad mood to this i think.

Description: Mellow folk track using acoustic guitars only. Has an easygoing flow through to the end. Friendly vibes.

Description: Dreamy acoustic track with a jazzy feel. Slow tempo. Would be ideal for a project that wishes to convey a little bit of sadness and nostalgia.

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