Description: strange, contemporary, lonely

Description: urban, industrial, battle, etheral

Description: Thrilling and mysterious synth sequence with four harmony changes - loop

Description: This loop is Authentic Arabic middle eastern typical music combined with modern elements. Played by sitar, bouzouki, Arabic violins and electronic instruments. Suitable for advertisements, middle east videos, market, history, north Africa videos, Arab modern projects, new about the middle east, promo videos and more.

Description: This is the "Alert" loop of the track Rising Tension.

Description: Orchestral Film Score - tense, wait, action, epic, symphonic orchestra

Description: High energy orchestral action bumper. Heroic full orchestration with powerful sound. Available 3.53 main version and 60, 30sec cues

Description: Symphonic orchestral sound, powerful and dynamic, great for heroic action, tension epic, confrontational, battlescene, adventures. Also good for tension mystery and crime in progress, or epic sport challenge. Building structure and breaks; music theme not invasive and solid orchestration Available in many versions: main / no lead melodies / 75sec / 60sec / 30sec / bumper / stinger. Action, Adventure, Epic, Chase, Army, Trailer, Videogames, sports, racing, running, impact.

Description: Building gothic energy in mid-slow tempo with synths, orchestra, choirs, piano, glockenspiel, percussions. Scary ominous tension with dark atmposphere growing to full epic gothic mood at 2.18. Great for suspanse horror leading to ominous energy power. Available in : main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / bumper / stinger Anticipating Dark Tension Suspense Mystery Thriller Dramatic Noir Supernatural Sci-Fi

Description: Pizzicato strings combine with acoustic and electric pianos, glockenspiel, synthesizer and percussion in a syncopated arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of espionage.

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