Description: Dynamic and cinematic sound and can be very useful in any kind of project, presentations, commercial and corporate works even games. Big Drums and tension is so high.

Description: Sad, deep, dark, intense piano. Creates a sense of impending doom and anxiety, fear. Low, dark, deep bass and a piano in the upper register. Can be used as the soundtrack to the film. The track is ideal for dramatic, tense, grim and dark scenes, horror movies, zombie movies, Halloween, advertising, cinema, TV, YouTube etc.

Description: This cinematic electronic music combines a dramatic spirit with a dramatic vibe. The mysterious synth melodies are complimented with a pulsating bass, punchy drums and hypnotic pads to create a vivid track perfect for spy, thrillers, detective, psychological thrillers and more.

Description: This electro music combines an edgy sound with powerful vibes. The growling synths are complimented by a booming bass, plucky atmospheres, and hypnotic pads to create a track perfect for thrillers, action, film, games and more.

Description: Medium tempo techno chillout soundtrack for thriller and action movies projects. Powered with techno beats, stylish synths, arpeggios and pulsating bassline. Tension, intelligent, thoughtful, tactical thinking, planning, interesting patterns, energetic and stealthy.

Description: Evocative orchestral soundtrack backed by an ensemble of strings and choir expressing strength and valour. Dramatic, mysterious, edgy, fight, tension building, determined, revengeful, adrenaline, chase, dark, calculative, struggle.

Description: Sport Epic Trailer - cinematic dramatic orchestral music. Inspirational epic track with sports energetic melody with orchestra. Powerful, energetic mode – marching into battle or sports victories, brave and heroic. Great for sports or action productions - Olympic Games, competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster. Also for game developers and home video.

Description: Heavy Confrontation Is Coming is a Film Music Cue inspired by the action-adventures movies Predator, Rambo, and Mad Max. Dramatic, dark undertones. Music for shooter games like Call of Duty and Sniper Elite.

Description: This is a sad, dramatic and emotional cinematic music track with electro arpeggiator and funeral bells. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.