Description: At the initial stages of investigating a disturbing and gory crime scene.

Description: Strong tribal drum beat with light violins to heighten the dramatic mood. Makes the viewer wonder what's about to happen. Who knows...

Description: This is a dark and suspense piano music, full of tension and mystery. it is great for mysterious documentary films, scary and horror background, fear and thriller trailer, drama and cinematic piano intro, criminal and danger scenes and much more.

Description: Dark themed slow paced track laced with abstract elements and sound FX. Psychedelic guitar tones hard hittting metallica beats.Ideal for suspense and thriller genres

Description: Cold dark and shadowy. Charecteristic of a mysterious hunter. Built using abstract and minimal tech sounds. Great accompaniment for neo-noir thrillers and adventures.

Description: Abstract techno music with choice electronic sounds and FX. Supsense and mystery themed dubstep beats.Distorted techno pot boiler.

Description: Adventure packed, middle eastern electronica influence.Ambient nature, interactive game platform.

Description: Neo-noir theme ideal for films and thriller projects.Packed with horror and mystery. Out of the box sounds instilling a sense of uniqueness to the track. Abstract ambient sounds, minimal techno beats will bewider the listener.

Description: A retro orchestral pop mix with classical strings eliciting a neo-noir feel. Melded with a orchestral cymbals, percussion and dark themed death metal beats.Experimental and ideal for neo-noir and innovative projetcs

Description: Dynamic and cinematic sound and can be very useful in any kind of project, presentations, commercial and corporate works even games. Big Drums and tension is so high.