Description: Dark, intense, and aggressive guitars and pads accompany huge industrial drums. Fit to purge, fit for murder.

Description: Dark foreboding orchestral. The hero's descent into darkness. Facing demons.

Description: This song combines the retro style of the ‘60s with a modern approach to creating the chamber sound of musicians. Melodious compositions are rather rhythmic and energetic due to active drums and sonorous double bass, but this does not interfere with easy listening. In the music track you can hear a lot of echoes of garage Blues music, serf-roll, folk and primitive psychedelics.

Description: This track contains anxious notes of unknown and dangerous. Something invisible and terrifying. Ideal as a background or the final credits for a movie or an advertising trailer for him on a detective theme, as well as a thriller, horror, suspense, mystical film and other things. Thank you for being with us!

Description: Tension-building dramatic instrumental with a mysterious atmosphere, which can be seamlessly looped. Features a pitch-bent dulcimer, a synthesizer, strings, and flutes. Possibly for mystery/thriller, climactic rise.

Description: A tense and dark dramatic instrumental track, soft and subtle with a minimal arrangement. Features an acoustic guitar and an atmospheric synthesizer. Great for suspenseful or mysterious scenes.

Description: Blood pumping intense music perfect for an epic movie trailer!

Description: Intense and eerie music to preview your next epic film project.

Description: An intense chase scene taking not knowing if the good guy will evade or the bad guy will catch him!

Description: Only the great inspector known as Dr. Robbins is mentally equipped to solve this murder crime.