Description: A modern classical film noir masterpiece with a quiet and painful illusory influence followed by cloudy and suspicious piano, sad violins, combative strings, suspicious drum layer, imperious percussion layer with choirs, rock ambient beats, violin solo, harps, orchestral bells,, scientific synth, duduk, dark pads. Fits with all types of mega action, heroic, thrill, crisis, epic love, painful, dis-hearted and serious documentaries/movies, and much more. Suitable as a background music of a movie scene, Epic Action/Thrill production, movie background piece, movie trailer and much more.

Description: Full orchestral onslaught into the world of crimebusting superheros. Dramatic score in 3 movements with pulsating rhythm, big strings, brass punctuations and military snare. Main mix, 60, 30, 30, 30 sec cuts

Description: Film noir orchestra thriller based on main themes a la Alfred Hitchcock, featuring Trumpet

Description: Ominous piano chords with building string accompaniment and military style drums herald dawn of battle.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with synthesizers, drum grooves. It’s fast, Breakbeat, thrillers, horror, The mood of music is take a risk or loose, difficult situation

Description: Guitar, bass and orchestral slow building theme. It's opening night, everyone is invited.

Description: A guitar driven mystic thriller track. A guitar starts and follows by a cool sweeping dramatic cinematic feeling. Modern cinematic spooky. Made for tension, horror, drama in dark places, Inspired by Fringe and Michael Giacchino. Cinematic, Evil, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, spooky, Ominous, Halloween, Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghost, Psychological, Terror, ominous, cinematic, evil, Sinister, horror, Mysterious, soundtrack, creepy, Fantasy, Threatening, Michael Giacchino, fringe,sneaking,lurking

Description: Careful and full of wonder, this track is perfect for tv, documentary, movie. Careful and concerned, great for those art moments in your production.

Description: Apache guitar edit version of the cinematic track Nightcrawlers. This edit will work well for dramatic underscore, superb for moments of tension build up. great for any spy, horror, think along the lines of 28 Days Later, dark streets and creatures of the night. The original full track is available as film score with full choir and percussion.

Description: This is a dark and suspense piano music, full of tension and mystery. it is great for mysterious documentary films, scary and horror background, fear and thriller trailer, drama and cinematic piano intro, criminal and danger scenes and much more.