Description: Powerful modern Action Soundtrack. Intense guitar based instrumental with organ and strings in the background good for movie, action, sports, nature documentary and fast going animals.

Description: Inspirational Orchestral Cinematic Soundtrack. A dreamy mystical background theme suitable for movie, TV and Film, with strings, piano and brass lines.

Description: An epic Cinematic Soundtrack. Heavenly synth lines, church organ, choir, drums, and a disturbing electric guitar creates an intense mystic background sound. Good for mystery, drama and romantic movie sequences.

Description: A Highly Cinematic piece of music with piano, strings and strange noises! Top-notch for mystic movie, film/TV back ground. Works for romantic as well as creepy science fiction.

Description: A epic Cinematic Orchestral Soundtrack. A dreamy heavenly string based theme with choir and bell's perfect as background in many media settings including TV film movie corporate promotional website advertising.

Description: Powerful Action Soundtrack. A highly cinematic piece of music with strings, choir, bell's, electric guitar, and a fantastic drum beat. Top-notch for action, drama movie and film/TV background. Works well for sadness as well as action scenes.

Description: Scary action Soundtrack. Suitable for TV and Film, with organ, strings and voices in the background. Fits good in cinematic movies for space, eerie and underwater scenes.

Description: Mystical Cinematic Soundtrack. Bell's and strings along with electric guitar make a heavenly cool soundtrack. Good for action movie, and nature film sequences.

Description: Mystical Cinematic Soundtrack. Rock meets Church, highly orchestral. Organ and vocals along with electric guitar make a heavenly cool soundtrack. Good for epic, drama, romantic movie and hypnotic film sequences.

Description: A highly Cinematic Action Soundtrack. A groovy, driving, piece of music! Top-notch for film/TV background. Works well for action as well as creepy drama. With strings, sythesizer, church organ electric guitar, fantastic drum beat.