Description: A slowly building dark thriller track with slow moving suspense,Piano and string orchestra. A masterpiece for the right thriller or dark drama. Orchestral string bed, tense with a piano melody. inspired by John Powell and his score for The Bourne Ultimatum. Thriller soundtrack. dramatic, dark, thrilling, Atmospheric, Bold, underscore, Reflective, slow, tense, Dramatic, Dangerous, Tension, Emotional, Haunting, Vengeful, Suspenseful, Foreboding, Eerie, background, cinematic, suspense, tension, action, panic, crime, frightening, terror, ominous, epic, soundtrack, trailer, soundscape, thriller, strings, 21st century, film, movie, piano, drama, slow tempo

Description: An illusory classical masterpiece which contains aquiver FX female vocals, shed choirs, drums, taiko drums, stinging beat layer, fraught strings and violins, auspicious choirs, brass. Fits with all types of energetic epic Action/thrill movie track and scenes and much more.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with synths, bass. It's slow, pop, techno, thrillers. The mood of music is: illusion thoughts, strange fantasy.

Description: Ominous piano chords with building string accompaniment and military style drums herald dawn of battle.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with synthesizers, drum grooves. It’s fast, Breakbeat, thrillers, horror, The mood of music is take a risk or loose, difficult situation

Description: Guitar, bass and orchestral slow building theme. It's opening night, everyone is invited.

Description: A guitar driven mystic thriller track. A guitar starts and follows by a cool sweeping dramatic cinematic feeling. Modern cinematic spooky. Made for tension, horror, drama in dark places, Inspired by Fringe and Michael Giacchino. Cinematic, Evil, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, spooky, Ominous, Halloween, Suspense, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, Ghost, Psychological, Terror, ominous, cinematic, evil, Sinister, horror, Mysterious, soundtrack, creepy, Fantasy, Threatening, Michael Giacchino, fringe,sneaking,lurking

Description: An intense chase scene taking not knowing if the good guy will evade or the bad guy will catch him!

Description: Only the great inspector known as Dr. Robbins is mentally equipped to solve this murder crime.

Description: At the initial stages of investigating a disturbing and gory crime scene.