Description: Dark abstract neo-noir soundscape interlaced with ambient sound FX, glitches and minimal techno hints. Psychedelic guitar adds to the mood. Best for a Neo-noir project. Dark ages, periodic, thriller, tense, poised to strike, hidden mystery, enigmatic, subtle, intense, anxious, secretive, deep forest.

Description: Action Drama Soundtrack for movies and film music theme. Electronic and orchestral acoustic instruments, for a powerful track suitable for action, adventure, dramatic, scifi and horror movies, films, documentaries, and any project that need a strong and emotional soundtrack music.

Description: Beautiful, emotive, and contemplative track

Description: Intense background track with a dark atmosphere of suspense and anxious mood.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack, and the rhythm is a waltz. The mood is contemplative and expressive, also a little bit eerie and suspenseful the first notes. This music fits very well on scenes with elegant and lounge topics, as a easy listening and background music. Also for "noir" films with some dramatic, suspenseful and searching scenes.

Description: Deep monotone bass synth sound.

Description: Tense Action Hybrid Trailer is anxious, tense and dramatic action trailer music with symphonic orchestra, hybrid drums and FXes. The track was produced in commercial timing standard. It is perfect to set a tense and action mood in your projects like cinematic trailers, teasers, advertising etc. Tense Action Hybrid Trailer is great for cinematic trailers about any Superhero, sport fighting or video game presentations. The track is starting by huge brass playing low note making suspenseful mood. Then the main poignant and anxious theme is starting. It is playing by staccato violins, accompanied by cellos, double basses and many hybrid distorted drums with percussion and cinematic strikes. In the middle of the track there is the breakdown playing by ostinato violins, accompanied by some percussion, FXes and filtered hybrid drums. Available variants: full version (2:14), 1 minute version, 2 minutes version.

Description: Piano, synthesizers and percussion combine for a dark, moody arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of turmoil, espionage, danger and escape.

Description: AdRev-Free! Deep, suspenseful and scary drums, full of hidden fury and fear. Perfect for trailers, games, thrillers, youtube

Description: Hard driving, perpetual motion, relentless, orchestral, strings, exciting, aggressive, powerful, chase, escaping danger