Description: Moody strings, out of time, unsettled, tension, mysterious, haunting, danger, dramatic, ethereal, distorted reality

Description: Suspenseful, wheels turning, mysterious bells and harp, light danger, quirky, strange, odd

Description: Choral, mysterious and demons, wizardry, light and eerie, suspenseful in sections, pads, shifting chords, building, flowing, mystifyingi

Description: Detective who done it music, dramatic and beguiling, lonely and solitary, reflective, light suspense and tension, almost whimsical, fateful

Description: Heart pounding tension, driving, action, mysterious, underlying pulse, undercover, spy and espionage, build raw, time clock effect, relentless

Description: Revealing, evocative, light horror, haunting, flowing, suspense, airy, floating, pulse, reflective, motion

Description: Sinister, dangerous, heartbeat, tension, dark, brooding mean, pulse pads, time clock effect, aggressive, mysterious suspenseful

Description: Powerful orchestral stabs, suspenseful, creepy in sections, aggressive, dark, thrilling, orchestral, cinematic

Description: Sinister, piano motion, suspense, tension, intrigue, mysterious, haunting, dark, moody, foreboding, time clock effect

Description: Piano and strings, Classical, New Age - Suspense, Minor-to-major, Plaintive, Triumphant, bold, scientific break through, Light industrial