Description: a mysterious, almost mystical orchestral film score opening, builds to an epic finish; featuring bells, strings, horns, percussion.

Description: Orchestral film track suitable under the dialog to add a darker mood and airs of mystery and the unknown, in a subtle manner.

Description: a mood of waiting, that becomes more tense, underscore with a theme; featuring harp, flute, strings.

Description: Spaghetti Western film orchestra stem or fragment from the East Hardwood Showdown cue, featuring the rhythm guitars.

Description: An orchestral film score with retro spy feel featuring live instruments

Description: orchestral film score with a dark theme and a hint of italian opera.

Description: Orchestral film score of a dark , sinister, ominous and suspenseful nature. Featuring strings and horns.

Description: orchestral film score; starts with an ominous piano, switching to a dark dream sequence on strings, ending with angelic sweet, then bittersweet strings.

Description: a length of orchestral film underscore, this piece of horror builds into two unstoppable climaxes.

Description: Serious military film score driven by constant military drums, with a deadly change up and a build to the end. Featuring Trumpets, horns, trombones, low strings, woodwinds, and percussion.