Description: Dramatic film soundtrack cue reflecting eerie suspense, mystery, evil doings and a sense of impending doom. Chilling, Sinister with a Dark Atmosphere. Ideal for ghostly tales, Halloween, crime or horror scenes. Suspense, Historic, Atmospheric, Dramatic, Epic, Instrumental, Orchestra, Piano, Sinister. Murder, Mysterious, Detective, Reality, Darkness, Creepy, Ghoul, Monster, Serial Killer, Forensic, Homicide, Spooky, Scary, Video Games, Movie Trailers, Investigative, Film Composer, Documentaries, Paranormal, Terrifying, Phantom, Disturbing, Frightening, Demon, Devil, Haunted, Poltergeist, Apparition, Demonic, Game, Ringtone, Nightmare, Gothic, Theatre, Commercial, Advert, Advertisement, Movie, Cinema, Cinematic, Television, Psychological.

Description: Haunting Suspense tension cinematic edge of the seat anticipation perfect for paranormal/psycho thriller haunting sounds incorporated with traditional elements sound effects mixed with musical tonal qualities extended version perfect for film suitable for broadcast, Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Edgy Music

Description: Dark, scary, suspenseful, ominous, aggressive, with conclusion, sad. Orchestral score, ambient, voices, big hits. Filmscore/Cinematic. Dark,Dramatic, Tragic. Strings, Ambient textures. Horror, Mystery.evil build up

Description: A sense of doom pervades this eerie, dark, percussive soundscape with a relentless spooky feel. Atmospheric with a sense of suspense and imminent danger. Menacing and sinister. 48 hours, The Mentalist, Castle, Alien Invasion, crime drama, horror, Sci-Fi.

Description: This is great for any kind of sad or emotional scene in your production. There are Very sad and dark elements in it.

Description: Strange and evocative soundscape, a blend of light and dark, long held notes from strings, bell sounds and synths, constantly changing

Description: A pulsating underscore track representing mystery and suspense. Perhaps espionage, difficult problem solving, technology or crime investigation. Low level bass pulse, digital pads and short synth pulses like signals or clues.

Description: An ambient film soundtrack cue with a very mysterious edge. Pensive, slowly moving soundscape, like hiding, sneaking, or breaking and entering. A subtle rhythmic element enters about half way through along with a deep drone, giving the track a darker, more ominous edge. Great for crime thriller, investigative documentary, a tense moment during reality show or forensic investigation, etc.

Description: A moody and atmospheric underscore / background track with a certain ancient or exotic feel. Warped ethnic / indigenous flutes combine with rhythmic elements of both modern and ancient / ethnic origins. Good for world / travel, discovery, history or dark drama with a world / foreign setting. Not any particular country or region; can be Eastern, South American, African or other locations. Haunting, slightly pensive, uneasy

Description: A foreboding and ominous film soundtrack underscore. Deep drums, atmospheric swirls and drones create a ticking, pensive, rhythmic background highly suitable for crime thriller, dark drama, investigative mystery. Hidden clues, a dangerous situation, or perhaps unveiling a dark secret?underwater,