Description: Mysterious with a 1970's vintage feel creating a dark and suspenseful mood depicting a ""James Bond"" scene.

Description: Suspenseful tension haunting panic is a suspenseful dramatic track with a restless feeling for horror, thriller, dark drama, etc. Anguished, Dangerous, Eerie, Foreboding, suspenseful horror Halloween, Mysterious, Occult, Restless, Sinister, Suggestive, Threatening, suspenseful ambience, background, brass, cinematic, suspenseful creepy, horror crime, dark, drums, epic, evil, exciting, foreboding, frightening, suspenseful haunting, horror, medium, ominous, horror orchestra, panic, scary, soundtrack, spooky, suspenseful strings, suspense, suspenseful, tense, terror, thriller, thrilling, underscore, slow tempo

Description: An orchestral film score with retro spy feel featuring live instruments

Description: dream sequence, suspense, dream antheme.

Description: Crime-drama theme instrumental featuring modded pianos, bells, synth, and strings. Possible uses can range from a show intro, trailer, set up scenes, etc.

Description: Electro glitches and tics, mutated sounds with an electro melody. Perfect for underscore, great for advertising. Lively, fast paced and upbeat.