Description: Orchestral-electro crossover track, with minimalist woodwinds and strings and a driving electro beat. Features an unusual time signature of 7/8 towards the end to build up the tension to a climax.

Description: Classic Hollywood suspense music in the style of big movie studio Sci-Fi horror fantasy film soundtracks. Features ominous orchestrations with heart-pounding percussion creating an intense nightmarish atmosphere of dreadful doom.

Description: Down tempo, rock, extreme, grunge, metal, guitar, mystery

Description: Very atmospheric and suspenseful sounds.

Description: Big movie studio style thriller-suspense music in the tradition of the Mission Impossible movie franchise. An ultra-modern electro-orchestral score with a high tech vibe reflects a cruel world filled with diabolical intrigue, super spies and sinister plots of world domination.

Description: piano-based suspense music with orchestra, electronica and driving percussion.

Description: Mysterious with a 1970's vintage feel creating a dark and suspenseful mood depicting a ""James Bond"" scene.

Description: A somewhat more 70s style, but still nice and cheesy Soundtrack. Breaking into the appartement at night, or something. Watch out!

Description: James Bond spin off, suspenseful, energetic, spy like, big band, 60th guitar. Filmscore/Cinematic. Secret, Suspense, Wary, Suspicious. Brasses/Horns, Big Band. Comedy/Humour/Sitcom, Spy/Detective, Commercials/TV themes.

Description: This is a big, dramatic, suspensfully shifting, action, nearly 4 1/2 minute Spaghetti Western film orchestra cue. A slow build with wooden flute and percussion, into four long builds on Flemnco Guitar ostinatos, then the epic Main Theme featuring Trumpets and Solo Guitar, winding down with Guitar ostinato.