Description: a single chord piano and bass break with a long decay.

Description: scary sad and mysterious orchestral track

Description: orchestral film score with a dark theme and a hint of italian opera.

Description: Orchestral film track suitable under the dialog to add a darker mood and airs of mystery and the unknown, in a subtle manner.

Description: This waltz begins with a sense of unease but soon becomes uplifting. This track features piano, bells, choir, and strings.

Description: scored for the most delicate covert operation, this quiet, mysterious piece is scored for flutes, vibraphone and latin percussion.

Description: Drama, suspense and a race to life or death!

Description: Building a tense crescendo with dark piano, cello tremolo and strings going towards the powerful final big hit! Tension in the suspenseful darkness, room of horror or crime in progress. Thief in action. Hero discovering scary secret. Evil lurking, showing up! Unpleasant area in ghost adventure. Horror suspension in scary film scene.

Description: Serious military film score driven by constant military drums, with a deadly change up and a build to the end. Featuring Trumpets, horns, trombones, low strings, woodwinds, and percussion.