Description: Dark, mysterious electronic track with solid groove and unusual arrangements.

Description: Driving electronic track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drums. Mysterious atmosphere.

Description: Gripping and dramatic orchestral piece with dynamic orchestral arrangements. Truimphant and powerful.

Description: Solid Hip Hop beat with dark synths. Haunting and mysterious atmosphere.

Description: Spacious, open and slightly suspenseful track with piano and synths. Atmospheric and ambient.

Description: Futuristic sci-fi or mystery track with synths, distorted guitar and percussion. Unusual, weird and catchy.

Description: Solid Hip Hop beat, with mysterious piano, harpsichord ans strings. Builds into powerful chorus section. Gripping and dark.

Description: Dramatic, hard-hitting, suspenseful track with dark synths, guitar and solid beat. Tense and mysterious.

Description: Very mysterious track with piano, solid groove, gripping strings, dark guitars and synths. Builds throughout, great for action/suspense scene.