Description: A stranger invades and introduces terror in the night. Reverberating harp and impassioned strings create a noirish quality.

Description: Banshee cries wail over a gritty Persian saz. The situation is desperate and the outcome explosive.

Description: Urgent pursuit theme is carried by string basses over electric bass, shakers, anklet, and other percussion for a dark and frantic ride. Also can be used to mysteriously evoke excitement.

Description: Analog synths freak over a manic 4/4 rhythm. Has a distinct mechanical quality which is both creepy and haywire. Loops seamlessly. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-pulse; Artist: moodpaint

Description: Fast piano arpeggios tell of a frightening situation.

Description: Dramatic orchestral suspense theme describing a horrible attack. Features brass, strings, percussion, and piano.

Description: A chilling ride through creepy territory. Features goosebumpy percussion, strings, and an eerie child-like vocal by Susan Hancock.

Description: Raw, percussive music with an explosive ending. Great for suspense scenes, chases, and action trailers.

Description: Ethnic instruments (kalimba, saz) and double-basses are the tense gears of rumor and suspicion. Ideal for conspiracy, horror, suspense, or investigative documentaries.