Description: Quirky orchestral piece with a comical twist. Elegant and charming!

Description: Dramatic orchestral action piece with gripping film score arrangement

Description: Dynamic and powerful orchestral track with various sections. Pizzicato strings take the lead. Gripping and tense atmosphere.

Description: Emotional, passionate orchestral piece with piano and strings. Reflective, melancholic atmosphere with a film score feel.

Description: Cool, laid-back Hip Hop groove with catchy, quirky synths. Slightly mysterious feel.

Description: Sweeping synths and spooky SFX create this spacious sci-fi track. Ambient and atmospheric.

Description: Very sparse synths and sfx, providing an ideal soundscape for sci fi scene. Ambient, spacious and atmospheric.

Description: Mysterious, ambient synths, guitars and percussion. Suitable for science fiction or mystery scene.

Description: Dramatic and powerful orchestral piece, beginning softly, then building into a frantic climax. Dark and mysterious.

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